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Donkey truck carried forklift is unique because of its small size and light weight which makes it possible to have truck carried forklift capabilities with a Non-CDL truck. The Donkey is a piggy-back forklift that is lighter in weight than other truck mounted forklifts of the same capacity including Moffett and Princeton.

The Donkey forklift is built in Denver, CO and aside from the tried and true Kubota diesel it is built with all domestic components - from the GM 6-speed automatic transmission to the Prince hydraulics.

Simple to operate and maintain, the Donkey is available with many options and configurations to tailor the machine to the job - from sod roll handling and laying operations to a beekeeper model specific to the beekeeping industry. The Donkey's soft ground and rough terrain capabilities make it ideal for use around a farm. For Nurseries, sod farms, vegetable growers, landscapers, lumber yards, wood pellets delivery, firewood dealers, and moving paving stones the Donkey can quickly pay for itself through reduced labor costs.

Unlike the other major manufacturers, Donkey is a US company.

Aquidneck Machine services Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Eastern New York State.

Load or Unload in less than one minute!
Watch video: Load - Unload
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Photo Gallery

Donkey on 2009 Hino. Easy to Carry. Lightweight. Big Payload. Donkey on 2009 Hino model 258
Donkey on 2009 Hino - Rear View Donkey In Garage
Donkey on 2009 Hino Donkey on 2009 Hino
Donkey delivers into a garage Donkey - In garage delivery
Scissor reach options from 27" to 56" allow for one sided unloading of trucks. 44" scissors shown. The Donkey pictured above is a 4K low profile model. At 82" overall height, this Donkey is capable of fitting through a 7' residential garage door. The Donkey is mounted on a 2009 Hino diesel automatic model 258. Empty weight including Donkey is 15,080 lbs. GVWR is 25,500 leaving a payload of 10,420 lbs.

No 12% Federal Excise Tax when purchased new.

Donkeys shown to the left (from left to right):

  1. 5K with 96" 2-stage mast and 48" pallet forks. Standard 3WD and optional strobe light.  
  2. 4K with 96" 2-stage mast and 48" tapered and polished lumber forks. Lumber rests and optional (on 3K & 4K machines) 3WD and strobe light.  

  3. Rear (on truck) 4K lo-pro with optional 3WD, 2-stage 67" mast with 48" pallet forks.  

  4. 4K with 120" 2-stage mast and 48" pallet forks with hydraulic fork positioner. Optional 3WD and load backrest on headboard to protect bagged goods on pallet.

The Burro Walkie

The concrete block in the photo to the left weighs 2600 lbs.The Burro forks are at full extension.

Burro Forklifts can safely and easily handle loads up to 3000 lbs.

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