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In September of 2008 Aquidneck Machine became the exclusive RI, CT, and MA distributor for the Donkey Truck piggy-back  forklift.

Donkey is unique because it’s small size and light weight make it possible to have truck mounted forklift capabilities with a Non-CDL truck. The Donkey weighs in at just 3100 lbs for a 3000 lb capacity machine with all-terrain capabilities. Donkey also produces models up to the 5000 lb.  capacity M13-5K that weighs only 3900 pounds.

A good example of the advantage of the Donkey's light weight is a 25,950 GVWR chassis weighing 9,500 pounds, equipped with a16ft. Alum-Line platform body weighing 1,100 pounds and a 3,100 pound Donkey forklift installed on the truck would still allow for a 12,250 pound payload with air brakes and no CDL.

The Donkey is built in Denver, CO by a US company and aside from the tried and true Kubota diesel it is built with all domestic components from the GM TH125 transmission to the Prince hydraulics. Simple to operate and maintain, the Donkey is available with many options and configurations to tailor the machine to the job - from sod roll handling and laying operations to a beekeeper model specific to the beekeeping industry. The low profile model at 67” overall height will go through a 7ft. residential garage door with room to spare, carrying up to 4,500 pounds depending on model.

Donkey Features & Options

Aluminum Extension Scissors.
  • Aluminum for lighter weight.

  • Scissors allow the load to be placed on the ground ahead of the wheels

Donkey Controls
  • All controls placed within easy Reach

  • Labeled for quick identification

Variety of Fork Options and Load Space options available.

Forks available in different lengths and widths. Various length pallet forks, polished and tapered lumber forks and even pallet-less forks.

Fork spacing is available as fixed or optional adjustable - both manual and power

The Donkey's soft ground and rough terrain capabilities make it ideal for use around a farm. From Nurseries to vegetable growers, the Donkey can quickly pay for itself through reduced  labor costs.

Donkey makes models and options tailored specifically to the sod industry.
Shown above is the Big Roll Layer and four wheel sod option


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  Optional on-demand third wheel drive and a variety of tire options including Ag, terra, turf, and high floatation. All tires available with a sealant or foam filled from the factory.

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